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Danny Butcher believed in helping the homeless, supporting veterans, mental health and fundraising for cancer research. The Danny Butcher Foundation will keep his selflessness alive, fundraising for others.
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Danny took his own life after spending £13,000 on a property investment course

The training course promising to help people become “financially free” is run by a former illusionist. The family of army reservist Danny Butcher, 37, said he never made the money he thought he would.

The BBC is aware of dozens of people who have said they signed up for Property training and now want their money back. At least 78 people are trying to claim back more than £200,000 between them. Our sole mission is to honour Danny’s memory by raising funds for charitable causes he believed in.

This industry needs regulating.

Helping the Homeless

The Danny Butcher Foundation is committed to raising money for homeless charities.

For Military Veterans

Through a variety of fundraising, The Danny Butcher Foundation will support veterans.

Investing in Mental Health

The Danny Butcher Foundation will provide for wellbeing charities too, supporting others.

Sponsored Activities

Sponsoring individuals to run marathons etc.

Danny's Regiment

His old team will be fundraising and hosting activities too.


Single one-off donations or monthly payments go a long way!


Possible Sky-Dive

There are talks of hosting a sponsored sky-dive to raise money.

'Buy me a coffee'

A fundraising scheme.

Sponsorship from Property forums are the first to sponsor us.

In memoriam

All he wanted was his own chance at making something of himself for me and his son, he saw this as his opportunity. He genuinely thought this was his chance because of how easy they made it all sound.

- Charlotte Butcher, Widow.

The only thing I can do for Danny is to try and make people aware so they don’t end up wasting their money and putting themselves in a bad place. If it does that, what’s a meaningless loss of life won’t be quite so meaningless.

- Alan Butcher, Father.

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If you’d like to help fundraise for the Danny Butcher Foundation or would like to help raise awareness of the manipulative wealth creation/property training industry, then please fill out this form.